Belated presents

Yes, I know my birthday was weeks ago but two of my favourite people put my hard-won skill of patience to good use and waited until now to share their gifts. However, let me just say, they were well worth the wait!

My brother has been saying ever since my birthday ‘Your present will be here tomorrow’, ‘Your present will be here next week’, ‘I’ll let you know’ … I was starting to see a pattern! He told me the other week that he was having ‘trouble’ getting my present so he would buy my U2 ticket for me and save this mysterious present for another occasion (yes, of course, I tried to find out what it was but he wouldn’t tell me anything!). And as of last Friday, we have TICKETS TO SEE U2 IN DECEMBER!!!! This makes Willow VERY happy. And to make it even better, I’m going with Chaos, my brother and six others from work. It is going to be one brilliant night! Even though it will be my fifth time seeing them live, it still is as exciting for me as the first time I saw them back in 1993. Expect more excited posts from me as the concert draws nearer. You have been warned!

The other long awaited present was from my Grandmother. My Grandmother has never been known for her inventiveness with presents. The extent of presents for everyone is a card with some money tucked in it. You can almost set your watch to this! So, I was a little bewildered when my card and money didn’t arrive on the appointed day (please don’t read that as me being ungrateful. My Grandmother is the most adorable person but she isn’t known for her domestic skills or present buying. Family jokes abound about her cooking (disasters) and undomestic nature. The saying goes that you are your father’s daughter or such, well, I’m my Grandmother’s granddaughter when it comes to domestic things!). It transpired that my present wasn’t to be a card and money but was being made and they’d let me know when it was ready.

My Mum and Grandmother have spent the winter making knitted blankets for charity. The only problem was that every time they finished one they were told it was too good to go to charity! So, one was raffled at the aged card facility’s fete and the other was given to a resident that doesn’t have any family. Worthy recipients, I think. I jokingly said to my Mum one night ‘Would you make me one?’, honestly not expecting anything of it. Well, she mentioned it to Grandma and Grandma got planning. Can I just point out here that my grandmother is almost blind and knits by feel and counting the stitches?

When I got home from visiting Chaos on Sunday, Mum told me my blanket was ready and to drop into see Grandma on Monday. I was overwhelmed when I saw it (yes, that’s it above). No, pink isn’t my favourite colour, but the fact my 82 year old, near blind grandmother made this for me with love and determination makes this one of the most amazing presents I have ever received. It is so soft and warm and I will treasure this for the rest of my life.

Told you it was worth the wait.

PS. OMG! I just realised that I saw U2 for the first time SEVENTEEN years ago! That makes me feel rather old right now.


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