Okay, going to do it. This list is a mix of things from my Life List and achievable things that will be fun over the next 11 months. As my birthday was last month, I’ve included a couple of things I’ve already done to kick things off. Yes, its a little cheat but it also means I can do a few pages for my mini book already.

As I am totally in love with Elise’s mini books (and her 25@25 project), I’m also going to make a mini book for this list. Its an achievable project that is confined to the boundaries of what is on the list! I’m trying to move outside of my design style with these books and make use of all of those things I collect (postcards, tags, ribbon, etc), and move into more of an art journal style. We’ll see how this goes!

So, what’s on the list? Click on the image to see it clearer.

Some are fun. Some are things I NEED to do. Some are inspiring. Some are out of my comfort zone.

I’ll put together some pages of the ones I’ve already done and post them up here for you to keep me on track!


One thought on “33@33

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