More complications

Well, I was hoping to be back at work now. I was hoping that I might even be back at the gym, too. But, no. I am recovering from bronchitis and this is the first day I am not curled up in bed coughing my lungs out and shivering with fever.

When my belly button got infected, they took a swab at the hospital. When the results came back my GP changed the antibiotics to better target the particular bug. Just about every damn side effect on the list was what I got. The mood swings were also just fabulous. And in my weakened immune system state I also picked up viral bronchitis. Just brilliant!

So, am on MORE antibiotics, more panadine forte, more cough medicine and am stuck at home. Today is the first day I’ve felt even remotely human, so I celebrated with a shower, making my bed and staying out of my bedroom. Small things are so pleasing when you are sick!

When my specialist told me that I had to have two weeks off after my surgery I almost died but here I am in week three still home. Admittedly with something unrelated to my surgery but still not back at work nonetheless. The surgery seems to have been the easiest part.

I’m not feeling very productive at all either (well, yes, I know that is understandable). I have so many photos to print out for my Project Life book. My room needs a huge reorganisation because of my new double bed. I have things I need to put up on eBay that have been sitting on my floor for months.

I guess I should just be grateful that I’m out of bed today. The rest can wait.


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