Remember me?

It may appear that I have fallen off the face of the earth but, it is merely that I have fallen off the face of the internet. I’m working too hard, keeping a long distance relationship healthy with a lot of travel, scrambling to finish two subjects for my Masters (and I think I am only scraping by on this one) and trying to do little things to keep myself from going postal!

Oh, and getting sick on a fairly regular basis! As my wonderful psychologist pointed out, if something had to break (which she forecast it would), it was better I get a cold than to wind up in a mental health clinic and have to claw my way back again. When I stand back and look at how busy and complicated my life is at the moment, I am in awe that I feel as well and balanced as I do. My Mum believes that it has a lot to do with Chaos and I couldn’t agree more. He is an incredibly stabling influence on me but I have also come along way from those days. Three years now and I couldn’t be happier … well, I will be when I get these final essays done!

I am still very much doing my Photo of the Day project and keeping it up to date. It helps that I have a decent camera on my iPhone because if I had to remember to take my camera with me everywhere this would also have fallen by the wayside of late!

Hope everyone is well and I hope to get back to more regular blogging again soon!


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