February 14, 2010

Dear Willow

Where you are right now is a very happy and content place. You have grown so much and learnt many valuable lessons since you last wrote.

In twelve months you have finished another two subjects towards your masters degree and you are on the brink of your final semester. You will be graduating this year and it will be the most wonderful feeling being handed your degree in Melbourne. Moving out of home is tantalisingly close and is most likely to be a reality in the next couple of months. You’ve made where you are now livable, but the weekends away are definitely helping, too!

The last twelve months weren’t easy or smooth sailing. The issues that you have had with your family didn’t magically disappear. There will always be communication problems and there will always be the personality differences, but with patience, a bit more give by you and a little more empathy, it has improved and the relationships you’ve rebuilt are growing stronger.

And yes, this Valentine’s Day you were exactly where you were meant to be. He had been waiting for you for a very long time. All of the pain and heartache, all the weird frogs that had to cross your path, have led to this point in your life where you are ready to be in a real relationship. One of mutual love, support and affection, where we are both equals and want the best for each other. You are still finding your feet in such an unfamiliar environment and you still have your moments of “I don’t deserve this”, but he isn’t going anywhere and you trust him more than anyone else in your life.

You never could have envisaged how happy you would be now. You knew that you would like to find happiness but your idea of what happiness is was warped by the past. This feeling, this warm and safe feeling that wraps around your heart, is so new but in four months its only grown stronger.

The flowers, that were so big you couldn’t fit them all in the photo, were a wonderful bonus but the perfect Valentine’s present was him.



One thought on “February 14, 2010

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