Social butterfly


After the awesomeness of the Halloween weekend, I flitted around to see my friends. Dropped into Buffy’s studio for tea (forgot the camera!) and then headed to Wollongong to hang with Bestie. We had discovered that we had the same Twilight tshirts but with our allegiances clearly defined! Bestie asked me along to her bookclub and we had to wear our shirts! Also got to see some other friends when we were out at dinner.

I want my own bookclub! We discussed one of my favourite books, Ernest Hemingway’s ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ and Dianetics (briefly). Was so nice to just sit with like-minded people and talk about books, writers, general things and have a laugh. Going to have to look into starting my own bookclub!


This was so brilliant! I caught up with my best friend from primary school and met two of her beautiful boys. We had reconnected through Facebook and as I was going to be near to her I couldn’t miss the opportunity to catch up with Miss A. It felt like we’d seen each other last week, not 13 years ago. It was amazing to see her again and we’ll be keeping touch! Also had lunch with another friend from high school and somehow it went from midday to 3pm in no time at all! I did have my camera but as we had both got drowned in the rain getting to the restaurant I thought it prudent to not take a picture!


Just a little pic of one of Bestie’s cats, Tasha, who does love me and jumps up for cuddles, unlike Bhudda who took to hissing at me this time around! We came to an understanding over the couple of days I was there and thankfully the hissing stopped!


This is the memorial sculpture at the duck pond on the UOW campus of Evil Duck. When I was there you had to be careful when sitting around this area because Evil Duck would terrorise people and steal things – anything from food to your assignments. It was the only uni where you could say ‘The Evil Duck stole my paper” and it was a legitimate excuse for needing an extension! So, now that the Evil Duck has taken up residence by the duck ponds of hell, the uni commissioned one of the Creative Arts sculptors to create a fitting memorial for this UOW institution and I must say it is a great sculpture. And yes the plaque does call it ‘Evil Duck’.


My Big Brother, Mr MR2, who I thought I was going to miss out on seeing this trip to Sydney because he was … at my place! Luckily he got back in time before I left and we met up at Max Brenner for lunch.


Yes that is the remains of our Chocolate crunch pizza and my dark chocolate mocha. Yum!


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