Some of the special decorations for the 40th birthday/halloween party


The Zombie Hello Kitty birthday cake and it was damn nice to eat too!


Me and my girl, Dove. Love you sweetheart.


Me as a 1920s flapper with the birthday boy dressed as America McGee’s Alice. He was surprisingly attractive as a woman!


Me and Chaos. So very pleased he could make the party all the way from Rocky! Been far too long since we’ve seen each other and was brilliant to catch up face to face.

Off to Wollongong, the old stomping ground, tomorrow to catch up with Bestie AND some high school friends who I haven’t seen in 16 years!!! Hunter Valley on thursday and some Burberry time, as well as Miss Nina’s wedding. So nice to not be at work, which is why the posts have been somewhat sparse, as it has become rather busy.


One thought on “Halloween

  1. […] that I’ve made. I don’t think I’ve actually told our story on the blog. At the time when we got together I mentioned the party we were at, in December I cryptically posted this and […]

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