Well, that ruined that trip

Note to self: when feeling slightly under the weather, perhaps flying should not be on the top of your to do list.

So I was heading to Sydney last weekend for some time with one of my favourite families and then a family birthday party. All good … until the plane started descending into Sydney. OMG. I have never felt so much physical pain down my neck and in my ears as I did then. And now I have bruised ear drums. Fun. And couldn’t fly home. And spent the rest of the weekend feeling worse and worse.

But here is me and the Buffster on Friday night:


Followed by Buffy and Bike Boy being rather cute and couplely:


And me in my new Rocket Fuel cycling cap (check out the Buffster’s very cool business):


So, all not lost. Bookshopping, visiting the Apple Store, seeing my Burberry and catching up with friends and family. Just have to get my ears to heal now … ugh. Hate being sick!


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