Curve ball

So, I decide to not let Fish Boy get to me anymore. Expending emotional energy on worrying and getting myself upset over my disappointment is only going to make me feel worse. So enough.

And then out of the nowhere, his son messages me on MSN. The kids had both added me weeks ago but I had since taken them off my contact list. I do really like his children and I did not want to let myself get attached to them anymore then I already had. So I was totally thrown when Mini Fish Boy messaged me. WejJust chatted about general things but it made me think that he does value my opinion and dare I say it, he liked me being with his father? Does a 13 year old boy know more about what his father needs then his father does?

I sent a text to Fish Boy saying that Mini Fish Boy had messaged me and we’d chatted. I haven’t heard anything back. Just when you think ‘Let it go’ something from left field brings it all back to you raw and uncompromising.


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