Maybe I’m better off being single …

Who was I kidding? Myself obviously. Fish boy says that he wants to be friends. Okay, I’m not good with the friends after relationships thing but he seemed heartfelt so I thought it would be okay. And so what do I get? Nothing. I’m the one sending texts and soemtimes getting a response. Why did I bother?

I don’t get men. Even good ones turn out to be just like the others. I’d really like to be able to be eating my words, but I am despairing, especially living where I am. I seem to meet so many people online who live in Sydney. That doesn’t help me!

Ugh. Maybe I should become a nun – the worries over partnerships, jobs, money are just not important. Oh yeah … you have to believe in god and all that so not really an option there either.

Ugh. Frustrated. Annoyed. I know, not conducive to meeting anyone like this. I’m just picky and condescending and critical. Wish I had my dog to keep me company. Would make this all a bit easier.


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