Second meetings

Second meetings are rather interesting, don’t you think?

I met up with DMB last Thursday and it was like pulling teeth for an hour and a half. How had it been so good before and then he was this completely different person? Arrogance and cynicism, that I hadn’t seen before, were now very evident. So, not sure how to explain that I met up with him again on Friday night but it just reconfirmed what I was beginning to see and I came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time.

I talked all of this over with Agony Aunt on Saturday afternoon at our favourite haunt. This haunt also happens to be the coffee spot of choice for Fish Boy, who was coffee date number 1 and who, at the time, I felt no immediate attraction for. I was wondering if I would see him because I had seen him there the week before and I blanked him. I will not live that down for a very long time. On Sunday morning he was online and I messaged him to ask where he’d been the day before as I had been there for hours. We chatted for a bit and he asked if I wanted to meet for coffee/lunch. I thought ‘why not?’ – a nice lunch with a person that you can have a good conversation with would be a pretty good way to spend a Sunday.

Lunch turned into coffee and more coffee and chocolate cake and then there was the admitting of the ‘hang on, this feels really different then the last time we met’ and then onto how I blanked him, which I had to admit to after claiming I hadn’t seen him. And it became very clear to me that after chasing sparkly things with DMB (as Shakespeare said ‘all that glitters is not gold’), something solid and strong was what my soul was crying out for and it was suddenly right in front of me.

After a brief stop at the old folks home (and he happened to meet my parents too), we went back to his place and had a rather nice pizza from the local pizza place with a Brown Brothers Cienna, and watched ‘Black Books’. Curling up with Fish Boy was something I had not experienced since the early days of my relationship with The Ex – yes, its been that long since I have been comfortable around someone in this way. Trying to not read too much into that because it is early days – very early days.

Time will tell if its meant to be. Planned to met again in a few days for another coffee date but also to give ourselves time to put the last two days into some context and decide where we go from here. There is an ease to our conversations, to how we are fit together, our body language, our easy way of saying ‘When we do this …’. Agony Aunt saw us together today and has said that he seemed really happy with me and I with him. She told me that from her impressions he definitely wanted to spend alot more time with me.

When I went to lunch yesterday I had no idea that any of this would come from it. Hell, I came away from out first meeting distracted by sparkly things and judging a book by its cover. Second meeting lasted two days. Need I say more?


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