Did you know elephants snore?

Fun fact gleened from a moving documentary on the majesty and grace of elephants called ‘Eye of An Elephant’ which I saw tonight. Its like watching human life condensed into the most important parts – birth, growth, survival, love, maturity and death. The Maasai say that the elephants are the only animals to have souls. Watching a mother elephant trying to save her premature calf you believe in that truth.

Martyn Colbeck’s photography is stunning. The black and white images he captured of the elephant herds, the bulls fighting and the calves playing are full of emotion and drama. I kept wanting to know where I can get prints of them to hang on my wall. They are truly moving images of fasacinating lives, symbols of strength and power.

One day I want to stand on the plains of Kilimanjaro National Park and watch these gentle giants silhoutted against the sunset and hear their talk. I will be very happy and blessed that day.


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