Today I thought I’d be walking around with a goofy grin on my face and reminding myself of the conversation I had with Tau last night. Instead I’ve found myself in a minefield and I keep having things blow up in my face.

I told someone something in confidence. They told other people and its had ramifications that I should have foreseen. I am too honest, but I also forget that people don’t see the world as I do, nor do they grasp concepts the way I do and Buffy does too. But I also have to realise that people will hear what they want to hear, make a story into something more then it is and tell other people.

I have no one to blame but myself. An innocent comment has hurt the people I love most dearly in the world. I have to learn how to censor myself and only trust those I know for certain I can trust. Of course I feel betrayed but I also placed this person in a difficult position and perhaps if I was in their shoes I’d do the same thing. 

Everything in my life happens for a reason. What on earth this reason is I don’t know but I have to face the consequences of my thoughtlessness and get through this somehow.


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