Running to stand still

Do you ever find that what you know and what you do are often two completely different things? Take, for example, diet. You know that eating well, getting enough protein and giving you body enough fuel will allow you do things like running and working out. But you eat an egg and bacon roll, banana bread, chips and a yogurt throughout the day, knowing full well you want to go to the gym in the afternoon and want to work more towards that goal of running for 10 minutes straight. So, of course, you hit the wall at one minute and do your best not to throw up for the next 34 minutes.

I was the kid who did everything to get out of sports. I never felt athletic. Never had any inclination to represent my school in any sport, although for some god unknown reason I did twice – once for long jump and once for shot put. Strange. The only thing I really loved was tae kwon do and to this day I do miss the discipline and strength I had while I did it.

So, fast forward to now where my body is a little worse for wear and lugging around a significant amount of extra weight. I want to run. I enjoy how I feel when I run. But unlike when my body could have let me run without any problems, I now have shin splints and get out of breath fairly easily. And when I don’t eat properly, I am sabotaging myself before I even step on the treadmill.

Why is it so hard for me to put the two things together in my head? Why can I not be strong enough to say ‘Salad, Will. Leave the chips on the shelf’? I know what happens and yet I still do it.

Am I ever going to get this together?


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