Poetry X

Stars (1997)

As I gaze upon a star filled sky
I dwell upon the beauty I see.
Attempting to put meaning to the emotions I feel
And understand the endless cycle of life.

Confusion and chaos reign within me,
Planting seeds of doubt
Into the fertile soil of my imagination
Allowing dark and unwanted thoughts to grow.

To believe unconditionally.
To trust someone with my love.
Questions I readily form in my mind
But search endlessly for the answers.

My imagination runs wild in the silvery light.
Dreams of happiness, love and beauty.
Am I to be disappointed again?
To be robbed of my dreams once more?

As I gaze above me
I see only the souls of ancient wisdom winking.
Enthusing me with an eternal hope.
I slowly return my gaze to earth,
Content once more to accept the future as is arrives.


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