Poetry IX

Sunset (1996)

Quietly I watch another sunset,
Blazing colours of yellow, orange and red.
A setting of another dream,
The realisation that reality always wins.
Childhood dreams crumble to fragments in adulthood,
And I face the pain that inflicts who I am.
As I face the harshness of my life lessons,
A single tear drops gently to earth.

Hindsight provides the cruel taunting of mistakes.
Reminding me silently that bruises fade 
But memories never will.
The dying light gently strokes a tear streaked face
As I hold the scared fragments of my soul,
Weeping for the shattered child within …
Feeling every pain inflicted, every heartbreak.
I gather them to me and return them deep inside. 

The darkness envelopes me, 
The dawn a long hour yet.
The angel of my hopes silently takes my hand.
Guiding me into the new day, a new reality
And I know he can’t hurt me anymore.


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