Almost there!


So close to being finished! The aim next week is to finish off the flowers and the K (needed to order the gold tiles in), then glue onto cement sheeting before grouting the week after. When I took Mum’s piece to the framers they only just squeezed it in for me so I could have it back before her birthday (I pick it up tomorrow!), so I need to give myself plenty of time in case that happens again. All going to plan, this will be ready for framing around the 19th and be back in time for the birthday party on the 30th!

Have overcome my anxiety attack(s) over my uni assignment and I’m about half way through now. I will have to have it in the post to Melbourne by Wednesday next week at the latest. I think my fear is that everything I read leads to something else and it seems never ending, but I just feel inadequate in the amount I have read and that it won’t stack up against other people’s work. Yes, the old comparison when you don’t know what you are comparing yourself to! So, decided that the only way to get to the end of it was through and after a stern talking to myself (and Mum yelling out “I’m not ordering dinner until you have done 1,000 words!”) I got into it. Of course, I will need to rework it and refine it before I send it but its a start.

This week is hectic. We are going to a wedding this Friday and I have been helping out with all the wedding stationary. Plus this assignment, Mum’s birthday, doing Grandma’s 80th birthday invites, an all day mosaic class on Tuesday to get my piece up to speed and helping my brother out at his new business a little bit and its all been a bit tiring! AND I’ve been to the gym twice already this week!

I am feeling more on top of things right now and a long way from two months ago where I was sitting in hospital. I hope there are more days like these – feeling busy and needed, beautiful sunny day with the water sparkling and being social. It is a long way from that grey, dark and dense fog and I appreciate the sunshine so much more because of it.


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