Mosaic update!

Yes! I am still going to mosaic classes. I have actually finished two pieces and started work on a third but I’ve been a bit lazy with keeping you up to date with my progress. Below is the process from drawings to finished piece of my art nouveau flower. Interestingly, this piece was exhibited in the local art gallery for a couple of weeks during May for a student mosaic exhibition. It isn’t framed (I have visions of completing three more the same and creating a large piece with the flower reflected) so it stood on a plate stand on the room’s mantlepiece.

This piece was most definately a learning curve! I thought I had been doing ok but once it was glued and turned over (picture 5) I realised how it all fitted together, how all the over cutting of the peices to be ‘just right’ was not the best way to cut! When the tile was grouted, the black helped to make the uneven lines and overcut pieces recede into the background. Looking at it from a distance it doesn’t look too bad for a first piece!

And here is the second piece I worked on. I didn’t think to take a picture of the drawing before I started gluing, but this is a work in progress pic. This is a nameplate for Mum for her birthday, which has our family name in the middle. The border is another art nouveau style floral and vine piece. I was much more concious when I was designing this about how I’d need to cut the pieces to get the effect I wanted, how tiny tiles on the edge are not a good idea and about using different coloured tiles to blend. The centre is a white/cream tile with a black/charcoal tile for the letters.

While I relapsed I didn’t attend classes all through June. I was really missing it over the last two weeks as I wasn’t able to go because of a psych appointment and then no car! I finally went last week and this piece was glued and turned over. Even though I had been more careful with my cuts, I still didn’t like what I saw when it was turned over! Hopefully, the grout will help again.

And I began my next piece as well. I am working on a initial plate for my Grandmother’s 80th birtday. Its another art nouveau inspired piece (anyone else picking up a theme here?) and in the top right corner (when it is turned over) is a ‘K’. I have drawn it up and coloured it but not put any tiles down yet, so I’ll take a picture of it before I start it.

I’m excited to be back in class. Its a nice change of scene for me, the people are always interesting and its nice for me to be attending an art class and producing work that is functional and people seem to really enjoy. I’m glad I ended up doing this!


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