Some days you just feel like you are 10 again.

As previously mentioned, I have had some kind of ‘virus’ – the modern umbrella word for something that strikes you down but the ‘we know everything’ doctors don’t know what it is. It has been lingering for weeks and after a brief hospitalisation last week for doubled over stomach pains (Anyone else notice my ‘hospital free year’ fly by with the pigs out the window? I knew it was ambitious), I am starting to feel more like myself again. But please note the emphasis on starting.

The last few days all I’ve felt like doing is sleeping. According to my father, who reverted to type this morning as he proceeded to yell at me to get out of bed, sleeping ‘won’t solve my problem’. Funny, my only problem at the moment is that I am tired! Perhaps this is my body’s way of saying ‘Right, need a little bit more time to repair and we’ll be back to full operation soon.’ I really don’t need the ‘Get out of bed now! The bus will be here for school any minute’ routine.

I might be able to talk myself into going back to the gym today. I have my uni notes spread far and wide across my cramped, multi-purpose bedroom. I do feel there is a little bit of progress happening; it’s just LITTLE steps.

Sorry to the rest of the world that I’m not jumping out of bed to greet each glorious day quite yet.


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