Thankfully, not me this time! My laptop has decided that in a crucial week, where I have a 2,000 word assignment due, it would rather not cooperate and is refusing to boot. I’m working around it until it can be fixed by borrowing my dad’s laptop when he isn’t at work and resorting to the old pen and paper thing … how 20th century of me!

Also getting ready for my first Fun Run on Sunday. Its 5km and I’ve now been doing interval running/walking over 5km at least twice a week for a couple of weeks now. I know I will finish it (every time I want to jump off that treadmill I tell myself to stop whining because I am NOT getting off) and I will tune out that little voice saying ‘Run, fat girl, run’ and be on my way to the goal of the City to Surf!

Wish me luck!


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