Poetry VII

The Journey (1996)

The journey was begun long ago.
In dreams and fantasies,
Bitterness and sorrow.
The journey of life exerts its will.

From the firery sunrises,
To the peaceful and beautiful sunsets.
I have walked and stumbled
Along a path that has often been hard and unyielding.

Many dreams that I haved dreamed
Were taken from me,
Burned in front of my eyes,
As the oak tree burns to ashes.

In each dream
I burned a piece of my soul …
Each time a dream was destroyed,
A piece of me died.

I carry the scars of these memories with me everyday.
Engraved into my book of life
Reminding me of my failures daily …
And my journey waits for me to go on.

I have longed for happiness,
For the beautiful moments I have dreamed of.
To feel the love of someone who cares for me …
And to find the right path to take.

My journey is mine alone.
For too long I have relied upon others.
Been shaped by their wishes and desires,
Slowly eroding my spirit to dust.

The ocean of life swept me away,
But I need to control it once more.
To rethink and revive my soul,
To begin the journey once again.

The candle burns bright after the darkness.
Teaching wisdoms that are mine alone.
Touching secrets of the soul and spirit.
Learning lessons to take on the journey.

Today you can find me
Under a beautiful living oak tree,
As the lighning crashes …
And I dream my dreams and find the will to believe in myself.

The journey continues
And at each turn along the way
I discover more of me …
And I add one more jewel to the crystal sphere of life that is mine alone.


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