Why I respect Andrew Denton

Growing up I remember Andrew Denton being the guy who did the late night show that didn’t go anywhere and than, I think, there was an adults only funniest home videos thing that also, funny enough, didn’t go anywhere. He has since found a home at the ABC and has come into his own as the best interviewer on Australian television.

Tonight’s episode of Enough Rope, entitled “Angels and Demons’, was on mental illness. This show was, for me, incredibly difficult to watch but, at the same time, incredibly easy to watch because of Andrew Denton. Without sentimentality or hyperbole, Andrew presented a touching, moving and inspirational show on people living and coping with many different kinds of mental illness and helping to demystify stigmas and misunderstandings.

I sat watching while talking to Buffy online and as we watched I told her more of my story as the brave souls on the show revealed theirs to us. It was comforting to know there are others out there going through the same thing, who have been through the hospitals, the medications, the side effects, the misdiagnosis. And its comforting to see people living and continuing on from that point.

Please get a copy of this show if you have been diagnosed and need the people around you to understand. I wish I had been able to show this to The Ex and his family for them to gain an insight into what this is like. It is not like diabetes where you take your insulin or manage it through diet and everything is okay. It is so much more and can not be cured just with a pill.

We fight every day to function and to stay away from that darkness that we know is there. We wrestle with those demons and we dance with the angels, every day.

All we ask for is understanding. This is not our fault.


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