Poetry VI

Treasure (1995)

I’ve searched up high
And I’ve searched in the lowest places.
I’ve desired for what I thought would be right.
I’ve cried for the loss of what was not
And I cried when the child died within.
I’ve thought sometimes I found it,
But it was only a broken fragment
That needs the others to survive
And I can’t find them.

I’ve built my wall,
To protect me within.
But the wall grew higher,
With each pain,
Each tear.
Someone broke the wall
And I was left here
I turned within
And I turned around
But I had to face myself.

And I had found it.
I’d run outside myself,
Around the oddest places
And found nothing.
Yet it was here all along.
Inside the wall,
Inside the pain,
Inside me.

I have finally found myself.
I no longer have to look outside.
I’ve been here all along.
I was afraid to look within.
Scared of what I might find.
But I know now.
The unknown held the treasure
I thought I had lost.
The treasure that is my soul.
The treasure of my life.


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