Last year my naturopath recommended a change in diet that eliminated preservatives and artifical colourings, etc. When I did this, my chronic migraines reduced to almost zero after a few weeks. While the diet was too restrictive to live a normal life, I was still careful of certain foods to do my best to avoid a recurrance of a migraine.

On Thursday my GP requested that I have a glucose intolerance test because while I was in hospital last year one of my blood tests showed elevated blood sugar. Let’s completely ignore the fact that I had been on a drip for four days and none of my blood tests were done while fasting. I was not happy doing this test, nor was I thrilled when the glucose drink was full of preservatives.

I was okay for a few hours and made it to the gym, but I could not actually do anything at the gym and then, it was all downhill from there. I made it as far as my Grandmother’s place (literally 1km down the road) and thankfully I was able to drop in and sleep on her bed. I had to get my brother to come and take me home because I knew I couldn’t drive. And so began two days of having to do nothing but sleep because the pain was too much.

The thing that shocks me the most is that I used to feel like this all the time and knew no different. This time last year I was told by a neurologist that I had been having migraines for years – I just thought they were headaches! I would keep going, take a few nurofen or four and become a grouch until it passed over. And I think this hit me so hard because it has been months since I’ve had struck down this way.

So the last few days have been hazy, drousy and a bit frustrating. The routine that I’d started to get myself into was thrown out the window as I had to sleep. No wonder my life was such a mess before! I was never clearheaded enough to function above the bare essentials, and sometimes not even that.

This just brings home how careful I need to be to keep going. For me to manage my life effectively, I can not afford to have 3 day set backs like this.


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