There is a significant gap between posts here and I feel the need to explain and put things into some context. Posts before October came from an old blog I started on Blogspot in early 2007. Posts during October are from a briefly kept blog on myspace. Posts from November to the start of January 2008 are from a blog I kept on Facebook. There are a couple of posts that have not appeared anywhere before, specifically December 16 and my Christmas montage.

The last post in July talked about starting a job as a legal secretary. I lasted nine weeks in that job and it drained so much out of me. I have never, ever come across a man I disliked more and who had so little regard for human beings, but more specifically his staff. I have never yelled at an employer before but this man pushed too many buttons and perversely enjoyed doing so. It was a lesson in restraint but also an observation of human interactions. There were too many examples of Stockholm Syndrome for my liking. I vowed to never let myself be treated as a doormat by a man again but these women chose to do so and it was repulsive.

During October, I made up my mind to leave on a Wednesday. By Friday I’d applied for three jobs. Monday I had an interview for one. Wednesday I got the job and walked out of the old one. Thursday I started in my new job. Amazing what the universe finds when you need it! It was another legal secretary role but I felt more confident going in after the trial by fire that I had just endured.

The job was with a small family run legal firm and I was made to feel so welcome and appreciated, much needed after the confidence bashing I’d just been through. I had been told I was incompetent, lazy, slow … I had to keep reminding myself that all of the people I had previously worked for would be mortified if they heard this. I still had crises of confidence but I mostly coped in an environment that was still a little foreign for me.

Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse at the end of November 2007, which you will see from the following posts. I had to resign from my job as I lay in hospital hooked up to drips, a heart monitor and an oxygen mask. It was all very amicable, and my boss even visited me in hospital twice, but it would have been very difficult for them to keep my job open with the uncertainty of how long it would be before I could come back and in a small office that would have been virtually impossible.

So that skims over the blanks from July to November. Suffice to say it was up and down and than further down rather dramatically.

Oh. And I didn’t join Toastmasters as I said I was going to. Somehow found an excuse each time it came around and than life took over (see above). 

And I did get to see Burberry but not until October. I don’t think he could get any closer to me in this picture!

Kylie & Burberry


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