And now for something completely different …

My, my. How the world throws curve balls at you!

The last few weeks have been the usual roller coaster ride for me and unfortunately the bipolar has been causing most of it. This has been an interesting time for my family seeing it in front of them for the first time and not understanding what is happening. Lots of misunderstandings and heartache for everyone involved. The whole uncertainty with my life has exaserbated my reactions and my frustrations have been building over the last few weeks.

The job front has pummelled me more then I ever thought it would. I applied for about five jobs a few weeks back and got five interviews but nothing came of any of those, including one that I had three interviews for. I was quite devestated after that one because it was a simple admin/accounts role and only $35k p/a. How could I not get that?? I learnt not to mention my martial situation because I think they feared I would be running back to Sydney any moment. So after that devestation, I registered with the local job network and put myself forward for a couple of positions. It doesn’t rain it pours as the saying goes. The agency I was with also called with the posibility of a short term reception position. I had an interview with a local law firm for a reception position, but it was confusing because the position description didn’t say it was reception … but somehow I walked away being offered a full time position as a legal secretary! And then today I had a call from a position I’d applied for weeks ago to come in for an interview and a local advertising company I’d applied to for an admin position phoned to see if I wanted a four week design job! Sheer craziness after I’ve been sitting on my backside doing not much for weeks!

Anyway, the outcome of all that is that I accepted the legal secretary position and I start work on Monday. New challenge and sounds like it will keep me busy and out of mischief! Who knows, I might end up being my beautiful best friend’s legal secretary one day!

Really itching to get back into my scrapbooking and even though I did do a trip down to Sydney and picked up more of my things, there are some essential scrapbooking items still there! Plus all the other bits and pieces are somewhere in the garage buried in boxes. Itching!!!! Resorted to just designing the pages I want to do on notepaper. Also had a brainwave to get my Mum into scrapbooking so I have a partner in crime. She has a live-in teacher but it will be a matter of finding the time to do it!

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